My Life as I Live it

idobi Meltdown Fest was a week ago and I am still hyped over how amazing everything was. Working with the idobi team was awesome, all of the bands were so good, staff at The Fillmore was extremely helpful and the venue itself was perfect.

Seriously, it was a lot of work to pull off this event but it all came together perfectly. We had 16 bands to take care of, a VIP experience for fans and over 1,200 people in attendance plus staff, press and crew. All of the bands were saying it was one of the best festivals they had ever played, fans had a great time and the idobi crew worked together like a true team of professionals.

There was a sense of purpose and community at the event that I haven’t felt in a long time. Days like these are great reminders of why I work in the music business. Seeing the staff all work together to make sure everyone had a great experience, watching the crowd go crazy, hearing great music, networking with people and talking to so many great musicians are all the things I love about being a part of this crazy business we call music. I am excited for what we created at Meltdown and looking forward to all of the things we have on the horizon. Stay tuned for more idobi/MusicBox events, we are definetly on a roll!!

*all photos by David Weaver/Burstmethod

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