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Earn It Yourself ‘Spring Into Action Tour’ 5/24/11 The Ottobar

Wow! What a wonderful, positive event! When I was asked to have MusicBox get involved with the EIY tour I was really excited for the opportunity. A few years ago the local Baltimore music scene was like a really big family. All the bands knew each other, hundreds of kids came out to every show and everyone worked together. Something changed and recently our scene has become splintered and weak. No one was talking to each other, kids weren’t going to shows and there was a lot of negativity. Holding the EIY event would be a chance to bring everyone together and see how we could all work towards restoring this scene to its ‘glory days’ or even to create something new and better. I just hoped people would put their differences aside and get behind the idea.

I was thrilled with the large turnout and positive response for the meet up part of the event. I was so impressed to see everyone come together to support our scene. We all really do want to same things so it makes sense to work together. We had everyone from the venue owner to bands to photographers to people running blogs to fans to street teamers to promoters attend and participate in the event. Everyone kept their suggestions and concerns positive and after the event people are continuing to talk and come up with ideas on how to put those suggestions into action. 

The other part of the event I was excited about was the showcase. All of the bands really came together to support the event and each other. All the bands watched each other play, helped with gear change over and encouraged their fans to stay for all the bands. We saw a range of ages and talents from our local bands and everyone really brought their A game. It was a fun show and I’m sure Sarah will have her work cut out for her trying to pick a winner from Baltimore to play the MD date of Warped Tour this summer. We will be well represented by any of the bands who played.

If you missed the event don’t worry. Several people have formed a planning group and we are already putting ideas together for a follow up event. We are really excited to keep the momentum going. You can message me at if you are interested in getting involved.

Sarah Saturday was also signing people up for the Warped Tour street team. If you didn’t get a chance to sign up at the event you can find out more at

MusicBox wishes to thank:

Sarah Saturday, founder Earn It Yourself

Kevin Lyman, founder Van’s Warped Tour

Craig Boarman, owner The Ottobar

Stephanie Dickard, owner Breakingstar Productions

Mario Trevizo, owner Fans 4 Bands

Chipotle Mexican Grill for providing the catering

Rockstar Energy Drinks

Idobi Network

And EVERYONE who attended the meet up and came out to support the event!!

Here are a few quotes from facebook about the Baltimore EIY event:

Me and This Army: Ottobar was pretty awesome last night. Thank you to everyone who came out, all the bands, and to Earn It Yourself and MusicBox Entertainment.

The Dukes: We had an amazing night at the ottobar and had a lot of fun meeting everyone and the energy was awesome!!! We would like to thank Earn It Yourself for putting the show together and also the Ottobar and MusicBox Entertainment for helping promote it and making the show so much fun!!! Make sure you guys check out all the other bands that were there, A+ Dropouts, The Getaways, The Baby Grand, Hotspur and Me and This Army! They put on awesome performances and made for a great time! 

Breakingstar:  Thank you to Earn It Yourself, Ottobar, MusicBox Entertainment, & everyone who attended the EIY event tonight, we had fun talking to new and old faces :)

Alexa Sunshine:  Great meet/discussion today at Ottobar, if enough contacts were given out, I think we should do one big group meet up like that monthly or quarterly! Maybe tie in with certain shows or something.

Nikki Robak: Yesss! I am so amped up from last night’s get together. :) 

Sam Polonsky:Last night was so great & I loved meeting all the people I did. I really hope we can continue doing meetups every once in a while to keep the music community together

Kiel Campo:  Great job with the show Cindy. Great way for everyone involved in the local scene to get together and talk about what we love the most. Mucho kudos!

Please check out all the bands who played:

A+ Dropouts

The Dukes

The Getaways

The Baby Grand


Me and This Army

Links to pictures from the events (more to be added message me if you have pics or video)

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